19/10/2021: In this weeks Youtube video Manuela shows you how easy it is to paint a sexy image onto a large canvas with a cheeky little hack using a projector

07/09/2021: So here it is a new music video now on YouTube. Its a cover of an Hans Zimmer track from the Ron Howard movie 'Rush'

03/08/2021: We had an absolute blast at BUG JAM 34 watching the Oklahoma Willy Jet Bus and the Nitro Bug rocketing down the quarter mile.

06/07/2021: The Valspar colour matching technology available at B&Q is incredible. You can take anything into the store and they can scan the colour on to a computer and get a near perfect colour match. 


The Charles Bentley American style Charcoal BBQ Grill is a challenge to put together to say the least. 
The instruction booklet is very difficult to understand. So I've put this video together and hopefully it will help someone who might be struggling to put this thing together. 
On the plus side it is very easy to clean with its removable ashtray and it has a temp gauge